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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in using NovoxStocks Standard Account

Q1:What are the conditions for opening an account at NovoxStocks?
A1:An account can be opened in second with no conditions.
Q2:What is CFD?
A2:Contracts for Difference - better known as CFD - is an important financial tool through which traders can trade currency, stock index, commodity and stock value without having to use real assets. Here you can learn more about the various functions and operations of CFD.
Q3:Why choose NovoxStocks?
A3: As a quality broker, we have the following advantages: 1. Qualification is complied with the rule, and capital is secure. 2 Transaction execution is done in millisecond. Through direct connection to the exchange, transaction execution is done in millisecond, which helps you seize the best trading opportunities in every market fluctuation, increasing the probability of profit. 3 More trading varieties, lower transaction costs. Trading products cover a wide range of global stocks, indices, options; there is no need for hidden fees, with lower commission charge and higher cost performance ratio. 4. Opening account can be finished instantly, and it is easy to operate. There is no need for cumbersome applications for opening an account, and all account opening procedures are completed in 5 minutes. The client design is simple and intuitive, abandoning page interference information, and the status of the transaction is clear. As the strategic partner of Reuters, its data cover 106 exchanges. With real-time update of market data in millisecond, you can respond to changes in a timely manner, flexible to seize investment opportunities.