Privacy Policy

Thank you for your trust and support in BSG. We fully understand the importance of personal information and are committed to protecting your privacy. To this end, our company will take appropriate security measures to fully protect your personal information by complying with national laws and regulations governing privacy and data protection in terms of business operations.
This Privacy Policy governs how our company and affiliates collect, use, disclose, and protect the personal information that you provide to us when using our services, and we will use the information in strict accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. Before using our products and services, please be sure to read carefully and get a thorough understanding of this policy , and only after you have fully understood and agreed with it can you have access to the relevant products and services. By using our Products and/or Services, you are agreeing that you have fully understood and accepted all the terms and content of this Privacy Policy, and agree that we can legally use and protect your personal information in accordance with this policy.
1. What personal information do we collect?
When you resort to our services, we collect information that you provide or generated by the use of services, to optimize our services and to keep your account secure, without which we are unable to provide you with services.

(1) Information provided during registering an account or applying for opening a fund account, including identity information such as name, gender, marital status, date of birth, ID number/passport number, nationality, address, contact information, e-mail address and tax jurisdiction, and corresponding supporting materials; career information such as industry category, position, salary, company name, and company address, and corresponding supporting materials; asset information such as source of income, net annual income, net current assets, bank credit history, and deposit balances, and corresponding supporting materials; investment experience such as investment years, investment varieties, trading history, investment preferences, etc.
(2) Information obtained when you use the services provided by our company, such as device information like your device model, operating system, unique device identifier, login IP address, and operation log.
(3) Information obtained during the securities trading such as stock trading, securities account, and analysis of account profit and loss, and information obtained during deposit and withdrawals through our system, such as bank card and amount information.
(4) Additional information collected in order to provide services and improve the quality of our services, including information you provide when you contact our customer service team, questionnaire response sent to us when you participated in the survey, and information about the mobile apps (APP) you have used.
When you use our products or services, you authorize us to receive, aggregate, and analyze your personal information from our affiliates based on actual business and cooperation needs, or you authorize the affiliates to provide us with your personal or transaction information.
If you refuse to provide the above information or refuse to authorize, you may not be able to use the products or services provided by us and affiliates, or may not be able to display relevant information.