Risk Warning

NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG) hereby declares that as a regular trader, we only provide a pure and quality trading environment. For example, we provide a low-cost trading environment, education resources for investors, analyst live rooms, CRM management systems, and agency support programs, in addition to which the rest are personal behaviors of the agent, including crowdfunding, operation agent, custody, and fully automatic EA software, no related to this platform.

NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG) neither cooperates with any financial management agency, nor allows employees and agents to operate customer accounts. All customers of NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG) are cordially required to operate trading accounts on their own, and do not hand over to others. If the customer insists on handing over the username and password of the trading account to others, NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG) will treat the transaction done by the customer himself/herself, and any losses incurred by the customer's account will be borne by the customer. If the customer chooses EA to execute the order and the order transaction, please make sure that the setting is correct. NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBALPTYLTD (NSG) does not provide any EA procedures, nor can it determine the EA profit and loss characteristics in the market. If you use the EA (Expert Advisor) to execute an order, please be responsible for the EA and parameter settings you use.

Once again, the investment must be risky, so please carefully consider the investment objectives, risks and expenses before investing. If the customer does not understand the foreign exchange market and how to trade, it is recommended that the customer first use the demo account for trading.

• Personal privacy protection
Although Internet information dissemination may conflict with local laws in certain areas, users should be aware that the information contained in the NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG) website is not issued to any particular country, nor to special members of the public or some company located in a specific country. NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBALPTYLTD (NSG) Boss Securities fully respects the privacy of individuals. NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG) guarantees that any personal information, including user's identity, address, date of birth and telephone number, collected through the website of NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG) will always be kept by NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG), and will not be exchanged, sold or presented to any third party without the prior consent of the user.

• High-risk investment
CFD trading, a high-risk margin trading, is only applicable to individuals and institutional investors who are able to bear the risk of loss. Investors should carefully consider their own conditions, such as investment objectives, investment experience, financial status and risk tolerance, before trading foreign exchange and other products provided by NOVOXSTOCKS GLOBAL PTY LTD (NSG). If the loss is unbearable, please do not rush to invest.